Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Experience with ANTMINER U3 ( 02 UNITS)

i, I got my ANTMINER U3 on 22nd April 2015.I bought those miners from the and it cost me $156 USD. Each miner gives about 65 Ghash/s.So.I have got 130 Ghash/s if i run those two miner.I love the rounded shape of antminer u3 and it fits on my table. The installation process is quite simple.
I just needed to install a driver and cgminer 4.6.1 to run the miners. I installed one miner with my desktop and other with my laptop. I use as my mining pool.The miner is not profitable in comparison with the buying price.But if you are serious and want to raise your bitcoin day by day, than it is for you. The new bitcoin miner will be happy with it. It is a good miner for learning how bitcoin works.



 * Max Hash Rate: 63 GH/s ±5%
* Power Efficiency: 1Watt/GH/s on wall at 0.83V
* Voltage: DC 12V input, 6A
* Chip Quantity per unit: 4
* One 80mm fan
* Noise: ~25 DB at 25 °C ambient temperature
* Hashrate and VDD core voltage can be adjusted via cgminer command line
* USB connection
* 12V AC/DC power brick of 6A, but power line not included
* Certificate Compliance: FCC/CE
1)   Power consumption: Quoted figures depend on your PSUs efficiency, the ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meter.
2)   PSU: You must provide your own power line to the power brick.

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