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Basically this is all about People Helping People.

You could make up to 10 Bitcoin in 7 days time with more money coming in every month thereafter!

  10 Bitcoin in your Bitcoin Account?

That’s Right! 10 Bitcoin  in your Bitcoin Account. IT WAS PROVEN ON OPRAH and this system is COMPLETELY LEGAL!!!

You may have heard of this program on 20/20 or even in the Wall Street Journal.

0.05 BTC that’s all it takes. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet….

To get started, just copy this whole page and paste it to your documents to edit it.

Simply follow the instructions below and in 2 to 4 weeks, you could have as much as 50 Bitcoin in your Bitcoin Account or even more..

Most people respond to this program because of the low investment (0.05 Bitcoin) and the very high profit potential.

There is NO limit to the income you can generate from this (you can do it over and over again).

If you follow the instructions, you will reach thousands of people!

HONESTY, FAITH and INTEGRITY makes this system work.

So let’s get started…

Firstly, send 0.01 Bitcoin to the first address (listed at No. 1) on the list below, by using the bitcoin wallet  with label ‘Payment for Internet Marketing-1’.

Then, send 0.01 Bitcoin to the 2nd address (listed at No. 2) on the list below, by using the bitcoin wallet  with label ‘Payment for Internet Marketing-2’.

Then, send 0.01 Bitcoin to the 3rd address (listed at No. 3) on the list below, by using the bitcoin wallet  with label ‘Payment for Internet Marketing-3’.

Then, send 0.01 Bitcoin to the 4th address (listed at No. 4) on the list below, by using the bitcoin wallet  with label ‘Payment for Internet Marketing-4’.


 Send 0.01 Bitcoin to the 5th address (listed at No. 5) on the list below, by using the bitcoin wallet  with label ‘Payment for Internet Marketing-5’.


Once you have done this, REMOVE the 1st address (position No.1 ) and place your addresses at position No.5.


If you do this the way it has been designed, it will reach thousands by the time your name gets to the top.

Here is the list of 5 bitcoin addresses:

1.                  1HJkLEXWHN1ytwC1YVY7x1FU87FXw2e6ak

2.                   12R8ueThd8jvGVgDX7WKoXbPZjUjn8eZh3

3.                   1QKVpr7egszSRRZ2fRML4QgS9EDr6Hyy42

4.                    12ifXjfitPywAW18jwJzeTYNu6aWJPjDu2

5.                   1BKfVTujeEfUZwBARYpmBqZeKp8fZowSSm

Now that you have paid the 1st to 5th addresses and  delete the 1st bitcoin address so that 2nd Bitcoin address become 1st , 3rd bitcoin address become 2nd,4th bitcoin address become 3rd,5th bitcoin address becomes 4th .Now, add your bitcoin address on the 5th position. then all you need to do is copy this entire text. You can post on,, message boards and bitcoins forums or make a blog like this.

The 5th person are the Guardian of the System = YOU !!

Now the fun happens. We reap what we sow. Other people will see your posting and do the exact same thing.

Once you have arrived at the 1st position it means hundreds and maybe even thousands have been working the program since you started. All of those people will then pay you as the 1st and you won’t believe the kind of money that has been generated.

Seriously, it’s common sense - you do it and 25 or more people see and do the exact same thing and everyone wins!!!

You will receive thanks AND THE SAME BLESSING. When your name reaches the 1st slot, people will send you upto 10.0 BITOIN! in a week


Keep in mind that the most you spend is 0.05 BITCOINS! = (WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!).


Mary Gathers, Columbus, SC:

I only have one thing to say to you: OH MY GOD! I sent out 142 copies total before 20 replied, like the instructions said. Then I went on a short vacation. When I got back, my account had over $4300 dollars in it already and the money was still coming! I’m still floating on air. I thought the Guardian system sounded cheesy, but now I realize it is the formula that makes this letter really work! THANKS!

Richard Barrie, Boulder, CO:

I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my bitcoin accounts. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to $13000. At first I thought there had been some sort of error with my account!


Step 1.  send  at least 0.01 Bitoin ( Up to 1 Bitcoin) to the top bitcoin address  (1st )

Step 2. Send the other 0.01 Bitcoin to the 2nd Bitcoin payment address
Step 3. Send the other 0.01 Bitcoin to the 3rd Bitcoin payment address
Step 4. Send the other 0.01 Bitcoin to the 4th Bitcoin payment address
Step 5. Send the other 0.01 Bitcoin to the 5th Bitcoin payment address

Step 6. Remove the 1st   address and insert your own bitcoin address on 5th position.

That’s it, It’s that simple!

Please give it an honest effort, you will not be disappointed and will be very glad that you did when it starts to work. Remember, all you are going to be out of pocket is about the cost of a couple of coffees and will have the opportunity of banking thousands of dollars into your Bitcoin Account! Take the smallest risk of your Life!!!

The Guardian system is based on HONEST people helping each other out.

This Program is completely legal if you follow the step by step instructions.

It’s the same concept of building a downline except more profitable and affordable.

Wishing you the very best of luck and may you prosper in fortune.

Make BIG money in an HONEST way!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 5 Faucets


1. ( Very Profitable. 1 hour duration)

2.Mellow Ads Faucet ( Use for banner campaign only-24 hour duration)

3. Field Bitcoins ( Claim every 5  minutes)

4. Moon Bitcoins ( Clain every 5 minutes)

5. BTC clicks (  Bitcoin ptc site)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Best 5 Bitcoin Ad networks

List of TOP 5 Best Bitcoin Ad Networks. Bitcoin Advertising Networks stand out with their anonymity, fast Payment system and their easy interface. Also it’s very important that almost all Ad Network is compatible with Google Adsense.

1.Anonymous Ads (A-Ads)

Anonymous Ads is a Bitcoin advertising network that doesn’t require to enter any personal data. We do not store data that directly identifies users. We can’t send them emails. However some pieces of data we store may be used to track them down (e. g. IP addresses, HTTP headers, hashes of system generated passwords, bitcoin addresses, all user input, cookies, etc). Moreover we may use third party components on our site (Google Analytics, Twitter Bootstrap, etc). We aim to be a fully transparent business, it is your duty to protect your anonymity if you need it. All your input (except passwords) is a public data.
Our lightweight ads don’t contain javascript or swf. We don’t spy on our users and don’t provide targeting based on browser history. We don’t sell visitors and don’t pay per click or per impression. We sell a share of traffic of our publishers to our advertisers.

Company Name: Anonymous Ads Payment Method: 
Country: United States Commission Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: ฿0.0001
Payment Frequency: Auto Withdraw Site Info:    
Contact Info: E-Mail –     




BitMedia is an advertising platform, which is created within Bitcoin-network (community). This is a niche area, which allows resource owners of Bitcoin-subjects to buy and sell thematic traffic. Why BitMedia? It’s quite simple – we are the best in this field. Our team has years of experience in online advertising
What sites are allowed to place advertisements? Websites connected to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, autoredirects and other trash are banned immediately. If my website is not related to Bitcoin, but it is very good, will you accept it? Such cases are considered individually. We will approve your website if it has a good, lively audience and the topic of your project suits us. You will be paid for each valid click. We pay for every click on our advertisement. Payment is conducted in Bitcoins.
We use internal and external anti-fraud systems, traffic is processed a few of times. Prior to viewing, during the viewing and after the click. Every click is processed automatically and many clicks are selectively tested manually by our experts. In which cases I receive a refund for bad clicks? In the case if our system of traffic automatic analysis or administrator identifies fr

Company Name: BitMediaPayment Frequency: Instant (After Request)
Country: United StatesPayment Method:
Minimum Payment: Ƀ0.0001Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Commission Type: CPC

Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads – Welcome to simple, bitcoin web advertising! Easy set up and site/ad space management – no contract or setup/ongoing fees. Works seamlessly alongside with your current advertising solutions. Instant performance statistics available showing view/click totals for your ad space.

Company Name: Mellow Ads Payment Method: 
Country: United States Commission Type: CPCCPM, Pay Per Day
Minimum Payment: ฿0.001
Payment Frequency: On Request Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail –       Skype


CoinURL – We offer interstitial and banner advertising. Interstitial ads let you monetize links, even if you don’t own the target website. They can also be placed on a web page with an overlay script, allowing you to earn on any visitor simply by having them visit the page. Interstitial ads are billed using a pay per impression system and are better suited for increasing the advertiser’s brand awareness. Banner ads fitted for websites bring in users who are genuinely interested in the advertiser’s product. They are billed with the popular pay per click system.
Link publishers get rewarded for each unique click made on the shortened link. This differs from some other paid link shroteners that only pay for unique visitors. For example, if the same person clicks ten shortened links, you will get paid for ten clicks (other services may only pay you for one click in this case). Website owners get paid for each unique click on the banner placed on their websites. Only unique clicks are being counted for this type of advertising, unlike the interstitial system.
We pay 5% of revenue from ad purchases and 1% of link publisher and website owner earnings if the user registered with your referral link. We also offer to resell our vouchers for Bitcoins and real currency, so you can make 0% profit!

Company Name: CoinURL Payment Method: 
Country: Canada Commission Type: CPMURL Shortener
Minimum Payment: ฿0.01
Payment Frequency: Weekly Site Info:    
Contact Info: E-Mail –     


Bee-Ads bid system is quite straightforward. It is based on pay-per-24 hours model. Advertiser will decide the amount he wants to pay for 24 hours campaign and he place the relevant bid for an ad-slot time. If he is alone he has a guarancy of all views/clicks from this ad-slot. If there is more bids for the same ad-slot, he receives the relevant portion of views and higher is his share, higher is the chance to get clicks as well.
If you have a website that knows how to generate hits, we’ve got the “how” in generating revenues. Easy to set-up: login, get your ad-tag, paste it to your webpage, watch you income grow. Instant payouts straight to your BTC wallet. First you fill up the form for creating new ad-slot. Then copy created ad-tag and paste it to your website HTML code. Next continue with verification. After it it’s up and running and ready for Advertisers to bid on it. Do not modify ad-tag in any way as it could stop working properly and you will lose potential earnings. You can create as many ad-slots as you wish. But remember that too many ads on one page WILL put your visitors off. So be careful. Better way is to find the best positioning (usually above the fold) and try different ad sizes. Feel free to test it.
I am using Google Adsense, can I use Bee-Ads along with it? Simple answer: Yes, you can. You won’t violate any Google Adsense policy by using Bee-Ads ads.
Advertise with Bee-Ads – let the world see. Set up your advertising campaign within minutes. All IAB standard banner sizes supported and plenty of format to choose from. Statistics provided – check how your advertising works for you – average CPM, CPC, CTR and many more! All views and clicks counted are unique per 24 hours. We are using third party click/views verification tools for your insurance. Maybe you do not want anyone to know you are the advertiser? Then with Bitcoin as a payment tool it is easy. We do not track cookies. Your anonymity will be safe with us.

Company Name: Bee-Ads
Payment Frequency: On Request
Country: Czech Republic
Payment Method:
Minimum Payment: ฿0.001
Site Info:    
Commission Type: Pay Per Day